Drop Cap covers for Penguin Classics

Jessica Hische never ceases to amaze me, every time I see her new work mentioned anywhere leads me to her site, where the unmistakable but versatile style leaves me glued to the display for at least an hour. These wonderful covers are no exception of course, and there goes my productivity for today. Damn you, Jessica, I've got work to do!

 Nice write-up about Karloff, the new typeface from Typotheque. Interesting, how we perceive one extreme contrast shift as elegant, and another as monstrous.


David Jonathan Ross is a master of contrast. His playful Trilby, majestic (and enormously extensive) Condor and the fun Manicotti all show that, some more subtle than others. Turnip has plenty of the subtle but visible contrast variation, a wide top-heavy design with squarish inner and round outer curves and sharp angles that make for paragraphs "with a bite" as he calls it. It all sounds clunky, but makes the paragraphs sit remarkably well on a page. I loved Joshua Darden's Freight Micro, and this goes into similar direction, with Bookman (and hints of Clarendon?) as a role model. Take a look at Turnip here

James Bond Book Covers

Nice typographic covers for the James Bond series from Randomhouse. Head over to CreativeBloq for a nice write-up on every cover, interesting stuff!

Some are better than others (Diamonds Are Forever is my favourite I guess, Dr. No being the weakest of the bunch), but as a whole it's pretty cool.