I read a lot on the internet, and so it happens, I stumble upon a lot of misguided opinions and poorly researched statements. Usually I'd just browse past the bullshit, but this one from Business Insider on why Helvetica is the only typeface in the future tops them all. Kudos to the author for being able to pack so much nonsense in such a short article. Read and cry, typophiles.


Paper Acrobat said...

Interesting article! I have nothing against Helvetica and it certainly a versatile font - but it was designed long before the multimedia revolution - so there are better alternatives now for the web and digital use.

Hubert florin said...

It somehow highlight how the general public has a big misconception about Helvetica. It 's hard for them to believe that Helvetica has NOT been brought by the design gods for humanity to enjoy its perfection until the end of ages…

justi said...


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Photoshop layer masking said...

Hi, massive good point you describe here, never think that why Helvetica is the only typeface in the future. Please help me to find out the answer.

water distillers said...

me too I have nothing against Helvetica. You got a good point dude!

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