Explorations in Typography

Not sure if this is terribly old, but here is a book by Erik Spiekermann and Carolina de Bartolo. Basically it's not the book itself that interests me (the layouts don't seem very practical and reading the same (?) article over and over, I don't know. I think they could've come up with more content. This is based on the first impression though, I will have to wait till the book arrives) The site is remarkably well done, it's almost like a layout app in your browser, or at least a great specimen tool for a type foundry. Here it is: Explorations in Typography

India-inspired type

Great work by Henrik Kubel of A2-Type & Geetika Alok for Indian issue of Wallpaper. Also check out Copan by Julia for the Brazilian issue.

Lost World Fairs

Apparantly the typography skills of IE9 are over 9000, and to showcase them, there is a site dedicated to lost world fairs, I liked Atlantis most

Larisch Neue

If you look for some unconvenitonal (but still functional) fonts, take a look at Radim Peško's site


BPfoundry has changed its name to b+p swisstypefaces, redesigned the website and finally released Simplon, which is a good thing if you're looking for a technosans that is not DIN. Let's hope they'll finish New Fournier soon.