Carter Sans

Carter Sans is out, but am I the only one who's not that impressed? I wonder why did Matthew Carter lend his name to the humanistic-seriffed Verdana? Having said that, it is still a great design, but I'm also afraid it's going to be overused in no time.

PT Serif, a free type system

Good news, everyone! After the excellent PT Sans, some of russian best type designers supported by Paratype have released the serif counterpart. It loooks great, it has 6 styles (including Caption which can work as a slab serif) and it is completely free to use offline and online. Download it here: Print package, Web package, it will be probably added to the Google Font Directory soon.


Having said that Lyon is going to be my next purchase, I have to admit Pona is very nice as well... What to do, what to do...

S. Fischer Verlag

Always thought it was great, and here are a few predecessing logos.