Pay per Headline

Our favourite House Industries has launched where you can quickly set flashy headlines or logos and buy the vector files for like 2 bucks.  There aren't that many fonts but since HI now owns the Photo-Lettering Inc. faces it will surely grow very soon. Works great on iOS devices btw


Davidikus said...

Thanks muchly for the info. I am wondering: isn't this devaluing the works of graphic or type designer? Designing a logo is about more than just putting letters together. See this excellent article, for example:

It is about the redesign of Chatelaine's masthead by Jean-François Porchez.
The work on weight, terminals and serifs shows very clearly that what works for a font (i.e. different terminals, making the text more legible because characters are more different) is not what works for a logo (i.e. forms need to come back, and give homogeneity).

nicetype said...

I don't think it's devaluing the work of type designer, on the contrary. If we are really lucky this may shift the type awareness even further. How many people end up tracing a screenshot of a certain font because they only need like 4-6 letters for a logo? Now imagine the foundries try this approach, $2 for a few letters is a fair deal, and the customer doesn't feel like he's been ripped off either. iTunes of the type industry ;)

The work on the Chatelaine masthead is, or at least should be standard practice. It's not very common that a typeface is suitable for a logo as is, sometimes you need a little detail to stand out, sometimes the modifications are inavoidable. You can (and should) also customize the characters from, you get the vector files after all.