Turning Pages, a must-have book

One of my Christmas presents was this wonderful book, and I really wasn't able to put it away. This is probably the most comprehensive overview of the contemporary editorial design, really loads of content but you never have a feeling to read filler pages, rather that they would've squeezed in much more pages if they could.

The first part is divided in 9 chapters which touch the basic points of editorial design as a whole. But it's not like a tutorial book, do this, do that, it's much more like a conversation with a designer friend (who happens to be a cutting-edge editorial designer ;) about the current movements and where they come from. Straight to the point project descriptions, but never too short. Doesn't hurt that the book itself is beautifully designed, a very well-thought out grid and typeface choice (first time that I see Kai Bernau's Lyon in action, it will be my next purchase for sure). If this book won't inspire you to start a magazine, nothing else will.

Another great thing about it, every project has a listing of used typefaces, they really know how to get into a type geek's heart :)

It's only $49 on Amazon. Get it and be inspired.

Images don't do it justice, it really looks much much better in your hands.

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