Font of the day: WeddingSans

WeddingSans is not really an appropriate name, this font is clean, mechanical, there's nothing soft or romantic about it. And it's one of the few fonts designed by a female type designer: Andrea Tinnes. You can get it at Typecuts for only €140/16 cuts (which isn't much if you ask me). Other fonts to check out: Skopex Serif, DasDeck and Broadway Hollywood (not for sale, but beautiful).


dcloud said...
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dcloud said...

Great blog. I love fonts and my favorite font program is FontExpert, by Proxima Software. I'll be trying out FontAgent Pro soon, since it was one of the prizes in a design contest I just won. Sorry about the deleted post, but I had to clear something up ... I put you in my 'Warrens of Interest' section.

lex said...

Very cool, thanks for the link!

I myself use Extensis Suitcase, but habe been looking for an alternative for quite some time now. Let me know if you like FontAgent ;)